Bashbish Falls and Alander Mountain

We started off at the south parking area off of Falls Rd. in New York.  We arrived around 8 a.m. and only two other cars were there, by our return in the afternoon the lot was full.

We ambled along an easy .75 miles to the falls.

Going so early in the a.m. resulted in having  the falls to ourselves and not have to worry about people populating our photos.

After taking the required waterfall  photos, we had to decide to follow either the blue or white blazes on our way to Alander Mountain.  We went with the blue blazes, which required a steep walk up the hill.  There was a metal rail system you could use to pull yourself up.

At the top there was a small scenic overlook of a valley.

Then we descended to a parking area where we continued on the blue to  the South Taconic Trail to Bashbish  Mountain and Alander.  This is where we “ignored” the blazes and followed the wide path to Bashbish Brook.  The brook was wide and flowing, so off the shoes went and off we went crossing the water.

After getting across the brook, we didn’t see any blazes, so Mike started to head off to find them, just as two park workers came into view.  They laughingly told us, we crossed at the wrong spot, had to come back and re cross the brook further down.  Back we went through the cold water.  We found the correct spot and saw the very obvious blue blazes.  Back to crossing one more time, without taking off shoes, trying to rock hop and balance on a log.  Mike did it well; I however wound up with very wet boots.

Once again we had a steep ascent with the assistance of a metal railing to pull ourselves up.

Off on the South Taconic Trail we started on the portion that was just an out and back.  It was a beautiful forest hike.

The trail was narrow with scrub oak and pine.

Not easy for a tall person to get through.

We summited Alander, with the surrounding hills and valleys socked in.

We watched a rain cloud approaching, so we packed up our snack and headed back.

Of course a mile from the summit the sun came brilliantly out and cleared away all clouds.

After two miles, we turned North on the South Taconic Trail for 1.3 miles to the parking area.  The descent was rough on the knees in some spots.

A huge blowdown blocked the path, causing hikers to create a new trail. Hopefully someone will come out soon to clear it.

At this point the path was wide and easy on the last leg of the hike.

Until the next hike….

The Details: 7.3 miles, 5 hours with 30 minutes of rest.  Start at Bishbash Falls parking area, walk .75 miles to falls, then follow blue until you see the white blazes for South Taconic Trail.  It is 2 miles until Alander Mountain.  Return trip back on South Taconic, until you turn north on it for 1.3 miles. Some steep ascents by the falls.

If you want an easy walk, just go to Bishbash Falls as an out and back for 1.5 miles.  Go early if you want to avoid crowds.

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  1. Could read your stories all day. You guys know what its about. I’ve hiked all over taconic park, mt Everett ,brace,alander etc. Never tire of that place. The pitch pines on race mt are a gift from nature. Look forward to all your future stories. Thanks hikergal and mike.

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