Place of Bad Noises

“Place of Bad Noises” according to the Native Americans is Machimoodus State Park located in the Moodus section of East Haddam, CT.  Native Americans believed this area erupted in bad noises due to an angry god and later settlers believed the devil was making those sounds.  The only sounds we experienced  on the New Day of the New Year was the crunching and moaning of snow beneath our feet.

This was an easy hike, actually more like a walk in the woods.  Most of the walk was on old wood roads covered in freshly fallen snow.  The trees were adorned with white and the sky line had a gray cast to it.  It was a beautiful walk that didn’t strain our bodies.

This would be a great spot to return in the summer for a quick walk and then spread out to have a relaxing picnic lunch.

Machimoodus State Park winds you into what appears to be an abandoned tree farm.

It has wide open stretches of land that make a winter hike easy to do and in summer it would be even easier.

We passed through farmer fields where remnants of tomatoes could be found popping through the snow.

It has overlooks of the Salmon River, but the view is a bit obstructed and I’m sure once the leaves unfurl the view will become minimal.  Benches were strategically placed along the way.

I kept listening for the strange sounds, but only the song of birds, wind whistles and the crunch of snow surround us.

Until the next hike…

Details.  Machimoodus State Park. Moodus, CT 3 miles 1 hour.  Easy walking

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