Boy Mountain – Time to Emerge from Hibernation (April 17, 2013)


Well I’ve been hibernating since September due to my incident on Mt. Willard that landed me in the ER.  I needed a little elevation gain today to find my hiking legs and expand the lungs.  1 Happy Hiker   recently hiked this short little hike and I knew  it was just the perfect hike to get back into the White Mountains hiking state of mind.  Added bonus,  it was by our favorite watering spot and no I don’t mean a bar!!

This hike starts off in Jefferson, NH from a private driveway.  Thank you to the Carter Family for allowing access.

looking down the driveway
looking down the driveway

At the end of the driveway, a little shack stands, making the onset of the trail and ascent to Boy (Bois) Mountain.


We went to the right after this shed and followed an easy trail with an elevation gain of 650 feet in .7 miles.

a little stream crossing
a little stream crossing

Some spots still had snow hanging on.  We barebooted up the incline. Postholing wasn’t much of an issue until we reached the summit. At certain points we both postholed up to our knees.  Spring thaw is on.

Steady incline

The trail was marked with arrows and pink ribbons.  This marker was taking a break from hanging around and was just lying around.

trail marker being lazy

At the cement marker you have almost reached the summit.  Continue past this point and a little further on you head towards the right to the viewing spot.

cement marker, almost there

The snow was playing hide and seek along the trail. Sometimes it was all gone and then it would suddenly appear again.  Makes for fun spring hiking.

monorail easy to navigate
monorail easy to navigate

All of a sudden I felt the pull of the summit.  The scenery changes and I know I am close.  This type of setting quickens my heart and my pace picks up to match my racing heart.


And then we arrive at the open ledge for a prime viewing spot.






We went a little further after this spot, but all we were given peekaboo views.



We headed back to our viewing spot and decided for the descent we would put on our microspikes.


Down we went at a fast clip, but not to fast to look up and admire the blue sky.


At the conclusion of this hike we stopped at our favorite watering hole, to fill up our jug with fresh mountain water.



It felt great to be out of hibernation.  This was a perfect hike to awaken the muscles, find my hiking groove and fill my soul with peace. Thank you 1 Happy Hiker for posting about this in early April. It was just what the doctor ordered.

The Details: Trail starts in Jefferson, NH at Boismont Drive (private driveway), park across from the spring.  Follow signs/arrows/ribbons.  It is about 1.5 miles round trip.  We had a slow hike and lots of sit time, so it was a total of one hour 45 minutes for us.  Book time has 40 mins. one way.

5 thoughts on “Boy Mountain – Time to Emerge from Hibernation (April 17, 2013)

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  1. Ann, sometimes I’m slow on the uptake! I’ve just now discovered your fabulous Blog! You do a terrific job with your narrative and your photos! I’m truly impressed. Your blog is being added to my list of regular reads!

    Lastly, it’s wonderful to read that my Blog inspired you to do the hike to Boy Mountain, but what’s even more important is that you enjoyed your hike to this marvelous little mountain.


    1. Thank you John. You have inspired many a hike for us. I love reading your blog and when we are deciding on a hike up here in the white mountains, we have two mainstays we refer to, your blog and Steve’s white mountain guides. Keep hiking and writing!!

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