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Day 22 – All in All a Good Day

Rainbows to start, a Kalalau hike to follow, late breakfast, a bit of downtime to read and nap, a trip into Hanalei, a delicious dinner and a sunset.  Yup, not […]

Day 17 – Drinking it all in

We had a lovely rainfall overnight and woke to the sound of rain.  It was raining so much we lost the Makana Mountain. While enjoying our coffee, a rainbow appeared. […]

Day 14 – A Pilgrimage to Aloha

Today we made a trek to the Lawai International Center. This centers sits in the valley of healing, on an ancient heiau in the configuration of a honu.  There are […]

Day 9 – The Package

Today we received shipment of a very special package, our nephew flew in to spend some time with us!  However before his afternoon arrival, we decided to get a hike […]

Day 6 – To the Other Side We Go

Today was our move day to the other sound of the island to our friend’s home on the North Shore.  Time to spend a month here house sitting.  We are […]

Day 32 – Pacific Beauty

As our days become less and less, we realize we need to spend time at the ocean.  The Atlantic ocean or rather long island sound doesn’t soothe the soul, like […]

Day 15 – Hanging out with Friends

Ahhh what a day.  We had friends coming in from Oahu, so we started off by cleaning the house, I went to do laundry and returned to Mike, saying what […]

Day 7 – Lazy Day

So we had a lazy Sunday day here in Kauai. We slept in, had a breakfast of eggs, coffee  and fresh fruit. After breakfast we did a mile walk on […]

Day 6 – Saturday July 16

Our morning started off with rain showers, but that means…..RAINBOWS After the showers continued on, Mike went for a short beach walk, while I fussed about.  Time to hit the […]

Day 2

Our day started with a hike on the first two miles of the famous Kalalau Trail (four miles round trip).  It was a glorious sunny morning, perfect day to hit […]

Day 1

Our first full day started with a walk on Tunnels Beach. Then we zipped down to Hanalei Bay to see the Polynesian Canoes.  They are on a fantastic voyage across […]