Our Luggage Prefers Nassau – Day 2

We woke up on Staniel Cay and watched the sunrise with our tea.  I know, tea. Guess where our ground coffee was? In our luggage that wasn’t with us (note to self, carry some with us at all times).

We enjoyed a breakfast of Mal’s pancakes and then gathered our meager belongings to begin the process of leaving Staniel Cay.

Our first stop at 7:45 was the airport to see if our bags arrived.  Yes, they did, but our flight was to depart in an about an hour, so it wasn’t worth it to take them back to the house, shower, clean up and change.  We claimed our bags and re checked them in and ourselves in.  After that we went for a drive around the island, only taking a photo where the old Thunderball Club used to be.


After a drive about, we returned to the airport to catch our flight back to Nassau with our luggage.  We left on time and arrived on time, the go slow not affecting us and there were no signs of it continuing today.

We checked into Southern Air with three hours to fill before we had to officially be in the waiting area.  We filled that time with standing in line for eats from Dunkin Donuts and then went to find a “quiet” spot to eat and write day 1 trip report.


Around noon we moved over to our waiting area.  Chatted with some people about our travels.  One nice man told us his favorite high school teacher was his librarian.  He loved her and she made such a difference in his life.  We chatted for a bit longer and he randomly asked how long we have been married, we said 28 years and he said you are so happy together, glad we project that to people (and yes we are happy together).

Our flight was called and onto a co share larger plane we boarded.  The doors were closed and then the pilot opened them to get out and he removed luggage.  Our plane was overweight and random bags were removed.  Guess whose two bags were chosen to stay overnight in Nassau? Ding, Ding, Ding our bags.  At this point our luggage has spent more time in Nassau then we have.


We waved to our friends on Staniel Cay as we flew over.


20 minutes later we landed on Long Island and was greeted by Ernest who is helping out the homeowners of the rental house.  We discovered that our luggage might be on the next flight coming in, on Bahamas Air.  We decided to wait, but Ernest had other guests to bring to another house, so he called in a family member to bring us over to the house.  After waiting a bit, we asked whether our bags were on the flight coming in, we were told no, but they should be on the morning flight tomorrow.  Big sighhhh, not worth getting upset at, it happens.

We went to the house, with no stopping at stores because it is Sunday around 4 pm. and everything is closed.  We did pick up two muffins for breakfast at DD, just in case we didn’t have any breakfast foods at the house.  Well no need, fresh bread and guava jam, were waiting for us, we have breakfast food.  Also beer and wine were in stock.  Plus there is fresh wahoo in the freezer, caught last week. Life is good!

We arrived and went WHOA, what a rental house, it surpasses its listing on VRBO.  This house is amazing and I will eventually take photos of the inside.  The view from the upper deck is beautiful.


Hunger had set in, off to Rowdy Boys Bar we went, after Mike reminding himself which side of the road he needs to drive on.  We had our usual here, a fresh grilled fish burger for me and a conch burger for Mike.  The fish was so fresh and filling.  We chatted with the owner, her brother lives on Staniel, so we traded a few stories about Staniel.


While eating the homeowner texted us, saying his mother dropped some items off for us, to help us through the missing luggage crisis.  People have been so understanding, hopefully the airline will get us our luggage tomorrow.


Once back at the rental, we showered and I wrote.  If no more blog reports appear this week, it is because our luggage has never found us, the luggage that has the power cord to this computer.

So our luggage prefers Nassau over the out islands it seems.  Hopefully it will resolve itself tomorrow. and the luggage will figure out life is better in the out islands. At least we are finally on Long Island!

Delays, Diversions and Departures – Day 1

Saturday the plan was fly DC to Nassau, catch a 2 p.m. flight to Long Island and be at our rental house by 3:30 p.m.  The plan didn’t happen, but a new plan was devised and that plan was achieved.


Our flight from DC was delayed, the incoming plane was having mechanical issues so another plane was routed our way, which arrived later than original departure time.  We realized early on in the day that making the 2 p.m. flight was not going to happen.  I put a call out to island friends on FB looking for hotel and dinner suggestions in Nassau, knowing we would have to have spend the night and try to get out on Sunday to Long Island.  Friends responded with hotel and food suggestions.  We rebooked out Saturday flight to Sunday and booked a hotel room in Nassau.

When all of a sudden friends on Staniel told us of a 4:30 p.m. flight to Staniel with a returning flight to Nassau on Sunday morning, that would get us back to Nassau in time to catch the 2p.m. flight to Long Island.  Well the crazy kids that we are, we decided to book a flight to Staniel Cay for the night and stay with friends. Meanwhile…the homeowners of the Long Island rental, found us a 5 p.m. to Long Island and there was a chance we could get on that.  We had become excited to see our Staniel friends, so we remained with the Staniel plan.

Our flight left DC a bit later than expected and the 2 hour and 6 minute flight, took much longer, There was a flow control heading into the south airspace, we sat on the runaway for a bit in DC.  Then we entered Bahamian airspace and we had to wait to land, we were detoured over the Exuma Chain, circled a bit and finally landed at 2:40.

We didn’t deplane for another 15 minutes and had to clear Customs and Immigration before we could check in to our next flight, which by the way we had to be checked in by 3:15 p.m.  At 3:10 we made it to the check in counter and were told to immediately get to the gate.  I had to use the restroom and was told I had a few minutes.  While in the stall they called our flight, of course that happened.

Good thing I did get to use the bathroom, we sat on the 15 seater for over an hour.  We watched our luggage sit in a truck next to us.  Finally we got to move and as the door shut, we said to the co pilot, “ummm our luggage is still on the truck.” His reply, “no worries, it will come on the next plane.”  We shrugged knowing full well, the next plane was probably Sunday morning.  Planes were lined up everywhere waiting to take off, come to find out Bahamian air traffic controllers are striking and have created a go slow condition.


We landed after sunset.  Our friends were waiting, but our luggage was not. Talking with Sam from Flamingo Air, she told us our luggage would arrive in the morning, and I said when we fly it out.  She was stunned we were only here for one night, but when I explained it was a chance to spend time with Terri & Mal, she understood.  We had our first Kalik of the trip and I marveled at the view from their home, a view I never tire of.


We started with Mal’s smoked salmon to munch on while waiting for dinner of fresh caught cracked conch and crawfish, sweet potatoes and tomato onion salad.  It was a delicious meal and being with our friends felt like a homecoming.  After dinner, we admired the full moon and called it an early night.

So what? we were delayed, we created a diversion to Staniel Cay with the help of friends and departed Nassau for a great overnight trip.  There were some anxious moments, but we took it all in stride and realized why get upset, we were lucky enough to have a chance to see our friends!

And as for our luggage, stay turned for the adventures of day 2!

A 3:30 a.m. wake up for a 6 a.m. flight out means a breakfast of champions starts our day.


We arrived to our terminal in no time, caught our first of three flights and landed a bit late in Atlanta. Our next flight was delayed and we worried we wouldn’t make our 1 p.m. check in time for the small outbound flight in Nassau.  Well we cut it close and were checking in at 12:45 p.m. for our final leg of the trip.  We boarded our 2 p.m. flight early but sat for a bit waiting for one passenger to fill our 9 seater aircraft to capacity. Love these little flights over the islands. We were able to spot Staniel Cay and waved to our friends on that island.


We landed, waited for our rental car lady to hand over the keys and took off. First stop was Yukon Jack’s liquor store for beer, this year we decided to branch out and buy a case of Sands, adding some variety to our beer drinking this trip.

Next stop were the two local grocery stores. Mail boats must have recently arrived, because people were busily putting items on the shelves and the markets were hoping, as only they can in the Bahamas.  Our brains were a bit fuzzy, so even with a grocery list, we forgot half the items we needed or wanted.  We did get two essentials besides the beer, Bahamian bread and gingernuts cookies.


Arriving at the cottage around 4:15, we unloaded the car, put groceries away and discovered a cold beer in the fridge. Well with that beer, we decided unpacking clothes could wait till after sunset and we needed to walk the property and watch the sunset.


The sunset was spectacular. Perhaps one of the best we have ever had the privilege of viewing.


After the stunning sunset, we headed in to make a quick dinner and unpack.  While doing both, we noticed the afterglow that continued on long after the sunset.


It was an early night for us; due to being up in the wee hours of dawn, riding three planes, doing the airport sprint in Nassau, and remembering to drive on the left side of the road.  All of that just wore us out. Glad to finally have arrived for our holiday break.


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