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Hike was in Massachusetts


Since 2010 has begun, I have created my own challenges,  faced challenges out of my control, and watched others struggle with their own challenges.  Saturday I overcame a challenge Mike and I set up for us, a long loop hike up to Mount Greylock in Massachusetts. We began our trek via the Hopper Trail inside…


The Power of 3

Three mountains, three states, three people, three hours.  On the third day of April, three of us conquered Round, Frissell and Brace Mountain in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. Arriving at the trail head was an adventure.  The unpaved road we drove for the last 1.6 miles was a slippery nightmare.  The road was a…

It Took Our Breath Away

The Alander Mountain loop trail in Massachusetts and New York was one of those trails that steals your breath away for its stunning views, scary creatures and varied terrain. We started on the Robert Brook Trail, where we ascended 1,000 feet in 1.1 miles.  We were hugged in by fog on the start of this…