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Tag: Hiking in Oahu

Day 7 – Island Treasures

It was such a wonderful day on Thursday, I couldn’t begin to put it in words yesterday (hence writing Thursdays post on Friday). We found some island treasures and ended […]


Today felt like a lot of waiting; waiting to move along on the trail , waiting in line at the post office, waiting to be served at Kona Brewery and […]

Day 24 – His, Mine and Ours

That was the kind of day it was…His morning, my morning and then our afternoon and evening. Mike went for a hike, I stayed home due to a knee injury […]

Day 13- Hiking the Wiliwilinui Trail

Finally a hike day for us.  We decided to do our first ridge trail hike in Oahu, Wiliwilinui Trail.  I write another blog about hiking, so if you want to […]

Day 6-Taking a Gamble

  What gamble did we take today? Did we hike up there, on that narrow trail in that picture?  No,  we aren’t that crazy kind of gamblers. So what did […]