Day 31 – A Visit to the #1 Tourist Spot

Did you guess the number one  tourist spot on the island yet? If you said Costco you are correct.  Our entire day revolved around a trip to Costco for a new camera.  You see yesterday on the humid, sweaty trail, we killed a camera.  The non waterproof one didn’t enjoy sweat dripping in it and it died.  We tried to revive it, but to many sweaty hikes, to many beaches filled with sand and thrown in a backpack took its toll.  We mourned the loss of our old reliable camera.

Before we went to Costco we hit Hanalei Bay for a morning beach walk.  What a perfect morning for a two-mile stroll followed by coffee and fruit on the sand!

We returned home to make a quick breakfast, a repeat from yesterday, toast with egg, cheese, tomatoes and avo on it.


After our visit to Costco, so busy even at 11:30 a.m., we headed to Poipu and Moir Gardens.  The orchids are stunning, the cactus garden is a little neglected. However there were some indication that revitalization might be happening in the future.

Our next adventure lead us to a return visit to Da Crack food place. We ordered fish tacos and headed to Poipu Beach Park to devour it.

We had some time to kill before heading to the Kapaa farmers market, so we stopped at Lydgate Park to walk and take some pictures.

We took a longer route inland to get over to the market, love exploring different roads and neighborhoods. Once at the market, we picked up our fruit we needed and headed home.  We did miss the red truck lady, she went to back to the Philippines to see family.  Hopefully when we return in two years, she will be still be around.


We were exhausted from our day, so we didn’t cook up the ahi instead had leftovers of poke and sushi rolls.  Tomorrow will be the day for ahi!

Tonight’s cloud tv was brought to you by Mel’s Imagination Station. It was a beautiful evening to sit on the beach people and cloud watching.

Great ending to a day visiting the most popular attraction on the island, Costco!

Day 25 – A Simple Day

It really was a simple day; two beaches, a little dessert making, meals, running errands, an exchange of goods with a neighbor, dinner and a sunset.

After a morning beach walk at Hanalei Bay, we plopped down on the sand to enjoy coffee and croissants.  Chatted with a couple from Colorado for a bit also.

At home we made a full breakfast of papaya boats.


Then we made a mousse parfait with the sapotes and juiced the over-abundance of papayas, mangoes and pineapple we had.

the most amazing dessert, sapote mousse with layers of whipped cream and Kauai Kookie shortbread mac nut cookies

Finishing up that task we decided a little time reading and floating at Tunnels was called for.  Today we spent about an hour and half on the beach.

This was about 11:15 am. by the time we left a little before 1 p.m. it had started to fill in
the view from my beach chair
taking in the views
Float Selfie
it was so beautiful in the water today

We went home to lunch on SushiGirl Kauai leftovers. We still had one plate left over from last night. It was perfect to split for lunch.

Running into Princeville and Kilauea was our next stop. We had a few more aloha boxes to fill and ship out.  While in Kilauea we stopped again at Kauai Juice Company.  We each had a free shot of algae. It was a thing to do, but if offered that algae again, I’ll politely decline.  This time I picked my juice based on color.


Once we arrived home, we needed to bring some of my frozen mango cheesecake to our neighbor/friend Mel.  In exchange she offered us fresh ahi and pineapple.  I think we made out better than she did! Thanks Mel!

Dinner was teriyaki ahi (from the other neighbor) over my taro-slaw.  I accompanied my meal with our papaya juice mixed with seltzer.


“Cloud TV” was very entertaining tonight at sunset, especially with live commentary by our friend! All of these things made for a simple day, but yet a perfect day!

Day 18 A Vacation Within a Vacation

We hopped over to Maui late afternoon today. First our day started with morning showers and rainbows.

We decided before housecleaning, packing and eating to go for a walk at Hanalei Bay. I even ran a mile at the beach today, what is happening to me?

After a refreshing float, back to the house we went. I made a breakfast of french toast with fruit.


Lunch was a stop at SushiGirl Kauai and then it was time to head to the airport. We stopped in Oahu first, then on to Maui for a few days to visit with friends.

We missed sunset, only caught the beginning of it, as we landed in Maui.

We are here to have a vacation within a vacation. This is our first trip to Maui. Already the pace seems faster than Kauai.

Day 11 – Catching Glimpses

I felt like today we saw small pieces of our future and flashbacks to old traditions of Hawaii.

Our day started with a quick cup of coffee and some fruit and then we headed out for an early morning beach walk on Hanalei Bay.  For the first time in 27 years I watched my husband return to his competitive swimming roots and actually swim, not float along.  After he emerged from the water, we exchanged that look that said, this is where we want to be in retirement.  We both had the same feeling about our retirement days here.

On our way “home” we stopped at Wainiha Kountry Cafe for a smoothie and frozen banana chai.  I was a little disappointed when she pulled out a costco type bag of frozen fruit.  Both drinks were yummy, but we listed this as one and done.  Sweetest owner though, full of aloha.

Once “home” I whipped up some french toast with bananas and toasted mac nuts.


After breakfast we attended to some  general housekeeping items.  Our nephew took himself down to the beach to read and people watch for a few hours.  Mike and I cleaned, cooked and did laundry.  After the chores were completed, we headed down to the beach for a float.

After our float, Mike and I returned back to grab an early lunch and I had to be online at 1 p.m. pacific time to purchase tickets to a fundraiser back home.  Glimpse of our life back home still peeking through.

After lunch, getting my VIP tickets and a nap, I walked the yard once again to photograph the flowers.

Dinner was easy tonight, leftovers from the 4th of July.  Over dinner we discussed our plans for the next few days and what our nephew wants to see.

The hour of the sunset was upon us.  It was during sunset we watched Hawaiian cowboys break horses in on the beach and other Hawaiians net casting on the reef.  I was transported to a time when this must have been a very common scene on the islands, not seen often enough these days.

I worked on a no bake mango cheesecake pie earlier the day, after sunset it was ready to devour.


Today we had a brief insight into our retirement life and a flashback to old Hawaii.  To the future and the past, may it always contain contentment and peace.

Day 19 – SUP Baby

Up early to learn how to SUP, Stand Up Paddle Board.  We met our instructor Patrick a little after 7 a.m. in Hanalei.  He led us to Black Pot Beach after jump starting his ailing truck.

Once we unloaded the truck of boards and paddle, we had a land demo of how to paddle.  At first I was nervous, as with any body movements it takes me forever to get it into my muscle memory (ask my crossfit coaches).  For some reason this didn’t take as long, but it didn’t require learning new moves.

We first went up the Hanalei River, a great place to learn and work on the paddling stroke, and how to turn, stop and fall off, get back on.

learning with Patrick
on the Hanalei river
going dow the river

After Patrick felt we were confident enough and proficient at technique, we went out to the ocean to ride waves. Hanalei Bay is a great place to learn because of the shallow depth, easy waves and sandy bottom.  I did take a few spills, but a few were a result of laughing so hard, I couldn’t keep my balance.

out on the ocean
Mike had the camera so this is his self-portrait
lovin' it
I am so freakin' loving this

But after a few hours we were tired. Our legs were still hurting us from the hike on Wednesday and our time had run out on the lesson. A part of me wanted to be that little kid who screams on the beach “but I don’t want to go home yet.”  I knew I couldn’t.  We packed up and I was so happy that I tried this new sport.  I really believe Mike and I were meant to live on an island.

After a lunch at home, we recovered by a nap (me) and some down time.  One of our favorite down time activities is to watch this waterfall.  Today it was the fullest we have seen it from our house.

house waterfall

Then we hit the road again.  Off to Lihue for the sunshine market.  We knew we couldn’t make tomorrow’s Hanalei Market, so off we went for the 45 minute drive.  On the way down we had to stop at the post office and one of our favorite views is across from the post office.

view across from post office

We picked up some goodies at the market and then the skies opened up, so off we sprinted.  We stopped in Princeville to grab a pizza (very good and reasonably priced) at the “gas station”, North Shore General Store and then we went regular grocery shopping at Foodland.

We devoured the pizza, caught up with world and strolled down to the beach for sunset.  What a treat we had, a wedding on the beach.

this is for my sister kerry, she loved the weddings on the beach

We could even see our waterfall from the beach.

waterfall and wedding

What an intense, action packed week. Tomorrow we head to Koloa to watch the parade with Eric and his family.  I’m hoping Sunday is a just crash on the beach sort of day.  Our time is winding down and we still have much to do…..

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