Oahu Day 2 – A Typical Sunday For Us

Today was just another typical Sunday for us, just in a different location with a few upgrades. We made our Costco run, had our lunch time beer and a had a nap. Well of course more occured, but we kept to our usual Sunday routine with some enhancements.

Our day started at The Curb, a little coffee house that we enjoy. Well truthfully this was only our second visit here, but the coffee is delicious, their latte art is on point and we can get ground coffee for the rental. The vibe here is friendly and laid back, customers chatting with each other across the room and dogs greeting everyone.

After our nourishment, we returned to the airport to exchange our car. A jeep just wasn’t us and when I told the customer rep, I would have a hard time getting in after a hike, he understood right away about the need to slide into a car, instead of climbing into a vehicle. The exchange was easy and very pleasant.

Next stop, a farmers market in Manoa. We discovered this one at the end of our last trip, which was to bad we hadn’t in the beginning of the trip. It’s not touristy and full of fresh veggies and fruits. We picked up our items, then stopped at Safeway for the remaining foodstuff. Our fog from yesterday had lifted so grocery shopping was easier. We had one last destination before home, Pipeline Bakery for scones and malasadas. The bakery items here are to die for.

We returned to the house to unpack and then make the next set of plans. Off to the islands most popular destination, Costco. The pillows in the rental are horrible and there isn’t a cooler here, so we picked up both items, those little comfort items. Plus we needed to visit a Costco on the weekend, for routine’s sake.

As it was lunch time, we needed to stop at a brewery. The closest brewery in Hawaii Kai was Kona Brewery, the food and seasonal beers are delightful and the views make everything taste better.

We had one last stop to make before returning to the house, Tamashiro Market for poke. This is truly a local’s spot, but it is the only place I can have Marlin poke. In August, on our last trip, Marlin wasn’t in season, so there was none available. Today three different types were and I think I hyperventilated when I saw the options.

Upon our return home, it was nap time, per usual Sunday routine. However the homeowners of the rental were home and loud so napping at the house was not possible, might as well go nap in the park and hang out. We gathered our things and found a cozy spot in Kapiolani Park to read, watch locals play sports and snooze. Perfect place to laze about.

Once again we returned to the house and gathered up dinner goodies and sunset viewing materials. We walked over to Leahi Beach Park to dine and watch the sunset. What was for dinner? Poke and crackers. Tonight my “ghost ship” didn’t block the view of the sunset, at least not from our angle. The only blocking was by a low cloud, still a beautiful sunset.

Today was not about being the tourist and sightseeing, it was about remaining true to our Sunday routines with a few upgrades, of parks, poke and sunsets.

Day 14.5 – Mahalo

So after being awake for about 24 and sleeping on and off for about four hours, I finally have half a brain to write about final Friday morning.

It started with a clean out the fridge, tidy the rental house and pack last day routine. Not very exciting, but something that had to be done.


After fridge cleanout it was time to take one last walk around our little hood.  First stop a little botanical garden by the house.

Next we walked down to Waikiki Beach and back to our  house.

Once back, we finished our tasks, loaded the rental car, returned it and headed off to the airport for our flight back to Connecticut.

It was a quick two weeks.  We thought we would do things, we didn’t do, like eat at the Aloha Poke Co., hike Diamond Head, and eat at Sunny Days Cafe.  We did things we didn’t plan on doing like our three hikes, go to Honolulu Beerworks so much and spend 2 half mornings at beaches.  We really never planned our days ahead of time, except for the Heartwalk and Mike’s race.  We just let the days unfold and went with what we wanted to do, having the freedom to do is a great gift.

I end with a mahalo to everyone who read this blog, who supported us on our two planned events and to Hawaii.  A huge mahalo to the island for showing us so much aloha in our short visit.

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