Day 31 – A Visit to the #1 Tourist Spot

Did you guess the number one  tourist spot on the island yet? If you said Costco you are correct.  Our entire day revolved around a trip to Costco for a new camera.  You see yesterday on the humid, sweaty trail, we killed a camera.  The non waterproof one didn’t enjoy sweat dripping in it and it died.  We tried to revive it, but to many sweaty hikes, to many beaches filled with sand and thrown in a backpack took its toll.  We mourned the loss of our old reliable camera.

Before we went to Costco we hit Hanalei Bay for a morning beach walk.  What a perfect morning for a two-mile stroll followed by coffee and fruit on the sand!

We returned home to make a quick breakfast, a repeat from yesterday, toast with egg, cheese, tomatoes and avo on it.


After our visit to Costco, so busy even at 11:30 a.m., we headed to Poipu and Moir Gardens.  The orchids are stunning, the cactus garden is a little neglected. However there were some indication that revitalization might be happening in the future.

Our next adventure lead us to a return visit to Da Crack food place. We ordered fish tacos and headed to Poipu Beach Park to devour it.

We had some time to kill before heading to the Kapaa farmers market, so we stopped at Lydgate Park to walk and take some pictures.

We took a longer route inland to get over to the market, love exploring different roads and neighborhoods. Once at the market, we picked up our fruit we needed and headed home.  We did miss the red truck lady, she went to back to the Philippines to see family.  Hopefully when we return in two years, she will be still be around.


We were exhausted from our day, so we didn’t cook up the ahi instead had leftovers of poke and sushi rolls.  Tomorrow will be the day for ahi!

Tonight’s cloud tv was brought to you by Mel’s Imagination Station. It was a beautiful evening to sit on the beach people and cloud watching.

Great ending to a day visiting the most popular attraction on the island, Costco!

Day 12

I started with a run and Mike started with a trail run on the Kalalau Trail.  It was showery on and off, a relief on the run and bonus for rainbows on the trail.

Kalalau Rainbow

After we met back at the house and gobbled down breakfast we decided to do a little touristy kind of day.  First we hit up the Malasada lady at Kmart.  Her little doughy balls were pure goodness. We picked up six for 3 dollars, what a steal.

Malasadas, I was good only had one

After that we were off to the Kauai Museum.  This is a little museum with a big heart.  Fabulous place to read about the history of Kauai and see some of the artifacts.  As a quilter I admired the quilts that were hanging over the balcony.  Maybe when I move here I’ll join the quilting circle at the museum and learn how to make a Hawaiian quilt.

Afterwards we stopped by Koloa Rum Company.

Koloa Rum Company

It was the first retail store we’ve been in Kauai that we felt no Aloha.  The sales people were more intent on their personal conversation, then even acknowledging us. We went next store to the tasting room, but was rebuffed with you need to sign up for a tasting in the retail store.  Well that did it for us and we left.  Anyways you can pick up their dark rum (which we like) at Costco for a better price.

Time for lunch.  Let’s go to Poipu and hit up Da Crack, a whole in the wall Mexican joint.  It was “da bomb”.  Mike and I had the specials, the fish taco for me and the shrimp bowl for Mike.  The fish taco was out of this world, it sure beat the sad little one I had at Kilauea Fish Market.

Fish Taco from Da Crack

It was so big and messy, I wore it on my face, hands, even up my nose…

This is after a brief cleaning...

Both dishes were loaded with flavor and not skimpy on the fresh ingredients.

Da Crack Shrimp Bowl

We will be back.

We ate at Poipu Beach Park. After we cleaned up we walked around the beach park.  It’s a nice area but we are spoiled by being able to walk to Tunnels on the North Shore.

Poipu Beach Park
Brennecke's Beach

As we headed home we stopped at the Sunshine Market in Lihue.  Wow, what a selection and we will make sure our cupboards are bare next Friday, so we can buy lots of goodies.  We aren’t at home much this weekend, so it would be wasteful to load up.

We have tickets to go to the Ocean Film Fest in Waipa (went last year loved it) but as sunset draws near, we realize we are to tired to get in the car and drive the 10/15 minutes there and then have a long evening of watching movies.  We opted for the 2 minute walk to Tunnels to catch tonight’s show of sunset.

The beach was bare for the viewing.

beach to the right...hello anyone out there?
hello, anybody? beach to the left

We sat back and enjoyed the brief show Mother Nature put on.


Early to bed tonight. We are making another trip down to Poipu so I can pick up my 5k race packet for Sunday’s 5k race.  Who knows where we will stop along the way this time?

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