Day 31 – A Visit to the #1 Tourist Spot

Did you guess the number one  tourist spot on the island yet? If you said Costco you are correct.  Our entire day revolved around a trip to Costco for a new camera.  You see yesterday on the humid, sweaty trail, we killed a camera.  The non waterproof one didn’t enjoy sweat dripping in it and it died.  We tried to revive it, but to many sweaty hikes, to many beaches filled with sand and thrown in a backpack took its toll.  We mourned the loss of our old reliable camera.

Before we went to Costco we hit Hanalei Bay for a morning beach walk.  What a perfect morning for a two-mile stroll followed by coffee and fruit on the sand!

We returned home to make a quick breakfast, a repeat from yesterday, toast with egg, cheese, tomatoes and avo on it.


After our visit to Costco, so busy even at 11:30 a.m., we headed to Poipu and Moir Gardens.  The orchids are stunning, the cactus garden is a little neglected. However there were some indication that revitalization might be happening in the future.

Our next adventure lead us to a return visit to Da Crack food place. We ordered fish tacos and headed to Poipu Beach Park to devour it.

We had some time to kill before heading to the Kapaa farmers market, so we stopped at Lydgate Park to walk and take some pictures.

We took a longer route inland to get over to the market, love exploring different roads and neighborhoods. Once at the market, we picked up our fruit we needed and headed home.  We did miss the red truck lady, she went to back to the Philippines to see family.  Hopefully when we return in two years, she will be still be around.


We were exhausted from our day, so we didn’t cook up the ahi instead had leftovers of poke and sushi rolls.  Tomorrow will be the day for ahi!

Tonight’s cloud tv was brought to you by Mel’s Imagination Station. It was a beautiful evening to sit on the beach people and cloud watching.

Great ending to a day visiting the most popular attraction on the island, Costco!

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Day 30 – Skating on Thin Ice, No I Mean MUD!

Today we went skating on Sleeping Giant, I grew up ice skating in New England, however mud skating is an entirely new sport to me.

We made a quick breakfast accompanied by a morning rainbow before heading out.

Today we hiked the east side of Sleeping Giant.  6 years ago we did the other trail up Sleeping Giant. It was humid today going up, we didn’t have any rain until we hit the picnic shelter.

I remained at the picnic area while Mike continued up on Sleeping Giant’s face.  While I sat, I had sun on one side and the other side of the mountain was rain.  Mike did get caught in a downpour, with the rain going sideways at one point.

After Mike returned from hanging out on the giant’s face, we started our descent.  The rains came and went as we went down.  At times we were skating on the mud going down.  Would have loved to have photos of it, but it just wasn’t safe to do that. At one point, Mike had to plant himself as I skated down and act as stop for me.  I laughed a lot of the way down, stomping and skating on/in the mud.  Was very happy to have my hiking pole with me, it helped!

At the car, we cleaned up with jugs of water and Action Wipes, best things to clean up with.


Mike was thoughtful enough to bring fresh fruit for our after hike snack. Going downhill in the mud is tiring and this natural sugar boost helped restore some energy.


We had to run to Costco for gas and some mac nuts. Then we went to lunch at Street Burger again. This time we shared a burger and a salad.

We came home and were exhausted. We cleaned off shoes/socks and had to run a load of laundry after that hike.  While we were preparing dinner we got the neighborly notification that Jason had fresh caught ahi.  Off Mike went to purchase 2  and 1/2 lbs of fresh ahi. Can’t wait for Wednesday’s dinner.


Sunset wasn’t as dramatic as last night, but still to watch sunset on the beach is a treat and tonight I had friend, Grady watch with me.


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Day 29 – Rainy Day on the North Shore

Note: Just go to the end, skip reading and look at the beautiful sunset photos!

We felt the effects of Fernanda today on the North Shore.  We woke to rain, some thunder and lightning. Manoa Falls which we can see from the house was raging down, at one point the water turned brown.  It was a perfect morning to do some book purchasing for my school library. I knew I would have to do some work here and was putting it off. I had no more excuses not to do it with all this rain.

While I worked Mike made me a little bright drink, papaya with red dragon fruit juice on top.


However the falls became a distraction and I only did 3/4 quarters of a book order, oh well.

After the heaviest rains diminished we went out for a bit. First stop was the transfer station to drop off the recycling.  Makes me appreciated my curbside recycling pick up at home.  However as I was putting the can returns in the bin, the workers offered me a freshly picked hand of bananas, right off the trees! Such a small gesture made me so happy and with curbside pick up you don’t get free bananas.


a piece of island life, Mike is laughing because he just sees me walking with a hand of bananas not knowing yet how I got them.

We decided to chance going to Moloaa Bay, thinking we could get parking due to the gray skies.  I needed to go to snap a few photos for a teacher friend, who always sings a “line up” song to her prek class to the tune of Gilligan’s Island theme.  We could get parking with this weather!

After our brief walk, we headed back into Hanalei for lunch at the Dolphin.  Yup, we had our usual of house salad and fish tacos.  Works for us, fills us up and tastes yummy!


Our next stop was a little shop we like in Hanalei.  Glad we decided to stop in because the parking provided us a lovely view of the waterfalls.

After driving past Waipa, we noticed how brown the water was in Hanalei Bay area.  Going slow I was able to take a few pictures.

On our way home we stopped at SushiGirl to pick up dinner for tonight. Mike ordered the special and I choose the “Action” poke bowl.

We really needed a beach walk after sitting around the house and car this morning.  So we dropped the goods off at the house and headed to Cannons to do a small beach walk.  Of course it started to rain, but it didn’t matter to us.

After our brief jaunt, we spent the rest of the late afternoon catching up with the world and having dinner.

Sunset tonight after all this rain was spectacular.  Truly worth all the rain today!

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Day 28 – Parking

That seemed to be the theme of the day, whether the monk seals parked on the beach, “tourists” parked in no parking zones, we parked our behinds at the house or at sunset, it was that kind of Sunday.

The day started with us making dessert, to let the rain showers pass by.  I attempted to make a sapote mousse pie.  It required more work than I originally planned. Let’s hope the tasting of it later is worth the work.


We parked our behinds down for breakfast of papaya boats, while the rain showers continued on and off. We set off for a beach walk, initially we planned to park at Cannons tiny spot, but it was already taken. Next stop was Haena Beach Park, but as we parked the heavens let loose with a torrential downpour. Next…go back to the house park the car, walk to the beach access road and take a long beach walk away from Tunnels Beach.  Good thing we did, we had two monk seal sightings! Even the seals were parking it on a Sunday!

As we walked the street back to the house, we noticed cars parked in no parking areas on either side of the driveway.  There is a reason for the no parking signs, we couldn’t see safely out of our driveway when we tried to leave today.  What is ironic is that they parked in front of no parking signs.  Please if you are a tourist and parking is full at Tunnels Beach, don’t park in the no parking areas for the residents sake, you create a safety concern!

After we arrived home from our walk, we had a lunch of leftovers, then went out and did a few food errands. We stopped at Hanalei Dolphin to pick up poke for dinner and then did a little sightseeing of side streets.  We went down one and noticed a for sale sign. I picked up the brochure for the house. When we got home, I looked up the asking price, yup we found the most expensive house on the island, 38 million bucks and it can be yours!


We parked our behinds at home for the afternoon. We were entertained by geckos and the orchids. We read and napped the afternoon away (well, this is still a vacation for us).

Dinner was simple, poke from The Dolphin and then it was time for sunset and “Cloud TV”. We parked ourselves on the sand to watch the best show of the evening.

Sundays are good days for slowing down and just parking your behind somewhere, but not in a no parking zone though!

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Day 27 – Hanging at the Harbor

Disclaimer:  The second hike described in my blog post today, can be dangerous, do this at your own risk.  In no way am I encouraging this hike, this is merely a description of our day. 

We planned  our day around a trip to the farmer’s market at the community college, so all activities were centered around Lihue and Nawiliwili.

After we picked up the much needed fruit at the farmer’s market, we drove over to Ha Coffee Bar for a cappuccino and a Hawaiian pour over.

After enjoying the jolt, we wound our way over to Kuki’i Point. What a scenic spot and another place that required good footwear to walk around the rocks.

From here we walked back up the hill and walked through the grounds of Timbers resort to another secluded area, where the wave action was even better.


the view out


what the trail looked like to get to the rocks

Once we made it down to the rocks, I found a spot and sat, while Mike went exploring.

We were mighty hungry after exploring this area.  We lunched at Kauai Beer Company. We each enjoyed a beer and shared shrimp and grits with a salad.  This shrimp and grits were some of the tastiest we’ve had.

After the refueling, we explored the Ninini Point Lighthouse.  Didn’t realize it but it is at the end of the airport and offers great views of airplanes flying overhead. We were also able to see the area we were at before lunch and yikes, good thing Mike wasn’t standing on that higher area because the waves had grown larger and would have wiped him out.



Mike was standing on that about an hour and half earlier, before the tides really started to come in

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On our way out, we stopped at the 13th hole of the Ocean Course to snap some photos for a friend, who is starting a travel company.  The views from the hole were magnificent.

We arrived home well past 3 p.m. both of us were tired. During the interlude to sunset viewing, we downloaded photos, napped, researched tomorrow’s adventures, and had dinner.

We honestly didn’t expect much from the harbor from the reading we did.  It was surprisingly exciting and beautiful. Glad we took the chance to explore this area.

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Day 26 – The Colors of the Day

Disclaimer:  The first hike described in my blog post today, can be dangerous, do this at your own risk.  In no way am I encouraging this hike, this is merely a description of our day. 

No, we didn’t have a rainbow morning. We made sure our breakfast was very colorful to make up for the lack of a morning rainbow.


White pineapple vs. yellow pineapple


colorful juices


french toast special

While enjoying breakfast we made our plan to go beach exploring.  Our first stop was a return visit to Kahili Beach and to see if we could make it over to the Pools of Mokolea. This time it was lower tide which made the stream crossing safe to do. We crossed the stream, walked up a dirt road to the lava rocks and spent our morning rock hopping to take in the views.  I felt like a little kid again, rocking hopping, investigating the pools and just exploring.  When I turned the corner to see the lighthouse, I let out a huge gasp, and just exclaimed “Oh WOW”.  I think Mike and I didn’t stop smiling for the longest time.

We did wear water shoes/trail runners with excellent traction.  We also kept an eye on the ocean and tried not to turn our back on it.  The photos where we have our back to it, is up against a large rock, so if a rogue wave hit us, it wouldn’t suck us out to the ocean.


The stream crossing, do at low tide


the road to walk on



path walking



lava pools


rock hopping



hey can you see the lighthouse?



as we left the parking area this little surfer girl came strolling by with her dad

After this adventure of rock hopping, we headed over to Waiakalua Beach to perhaps do more rock hopping.  The trail to this beach was steep and I’m so glad I a had hiking pole and weren’t in flip flops.

The views from the top and first part of the down trail were stunning.


At the end of the trail, we turned left and went that way.  As we walked down a little way, a woman sitting down asked if we knew about monk seals and how far to stay away from them.  I let her know one of my dream retirement volunteer jobs is to be that person putting the ropes around the beached monk seals. Of course hearing there was a monk seal, my pace picked up.

By the time we walked back to the path, our legs were tired, so decided to wait for another day to go explore the right side of the beach.

We needed to find a lunch spot and for some reason I was craving a burger.  Mike suggested we head into Wailua and try Street Burger. We are so happy we did this. The local beef for the burgers were outstanding, the buns delicious; made at the local bakery and even the ketchup was house made.  Next time we come in, we will split a burger and make sure we have room for dessert!

We had one final touristy stop to make on way home, Mark Zuckerberg’s wall. It is a very nice wall.

All this rock hopping and rich food made us very tired, so home we went.  Once home I napped, then we cooked up dinner of the gifted ahi and headed off to sunset.

We saw many colors today; from blue and orange of our morning drinks, to the blues and greens of the ocean, to the black lava rocks and to the yellow glow of the setting sun. Our day was rich and full of color.

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