Day 39

Today was another good day, workout, breakfast, rain, rainbows, snorkeling and a few other things.

Bubbles the Beach Cat came by for the warm up but quickly had to be called in because the feral cat was causing havoc with the other cats. After the workout, breakfast included rain and rainbows, well maybe some cheering from us too.

We spent the morning snorkeling at Dean’s Blue Hole. We did spot a box jellyfish (yikes). FYI, this type of jellyfish is not lethal, painful yes, but not lethal. The water was clear and Mike was able to get down to the first ledge. Goals for next year, get me down there.

After that we went to Turnbull for lunch and waited until our appointment at the clinic. We needed to have a covid test to enter the US (we passed, are negative).

Day 38

It was another breakfast with Bubbles the Beach Cat.

We were invited to snorkel at a private spot today. It was a fun morning of snorkeling.

After that we headed over to Alligator Bay to have lunch. There is a beach hammock there, that has great views but it is a pain to get out of.

Day 37

The morning started off with the Bubbles the Beach Cat show. She helped during the workout and hung out with us at morning coffee time.

We went to Clarence Town to walk the beaches there, beaches we hadn’t explored before. We stopped at one beach where a Haitian sloop carrying 45 people ran aground in December. They were fleeing their country.

We drove over to the other Clarence Town Beach and walked all the way to Lowes Beach, it was about a .9 mile to this point.

We stopped at Galloway to eat our lunch.

It was overcast all day, which included sunset.

Day 36

A lazy Sunday except for the Bubble Machine this morning. After leaping at me during my cooldown and other shenanigans, we had our Sunday pancakes.

After breakfast we headed to Mckanns for a stroll of about 1 mile. Mike attempted to snorkel a bit, but he said it wasn’t much to see and yes he did get motion sick.

We found a crab, a little egg sack with some creature in it and just a little bit of rope. We also checked out a house for sale, going for $600,000 (in case anyone is interested).

After our short walk, we returned to the apartment for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

And well sunset, eh?

Day 35

Coffee with Bubbles then off to Galliot Cay for snorkeling.

We first snorkeled outside O’zone’s compound and then headed over to the cannon house for more snorkeling. Conditions were perfect for snorkeling. Videos will be made, when we get home.

Today was the longest amount of time we have spent at the beach. If we didn’t have an hour drive back to the apartment, I think we would have spent more time here. But we were tired.

We had dinner of leftovers and Mike made a very special dessert, a five star one because it was a five star kind of day.

wafer cookies topped with local bananas, dilly fruit, yogurt and starfruit.

Bubbles the Beach Cat joined us for sunset tonight.

Day 34

Two things happened today: Bubbles the Beach Cat entertained us while having breakfast and we spent late morning at Gordon’s Beach.

We walked one mile south on Gordon’s beach, until we couldn’t get any further. We both commented we prefer walking north. BTW anyone missing a boat from Annapolis, MD?

Another lazy afternoon when we returned, which included a nap for me.

The start of sunset was beautiful. We ended in losing the sun in clouds.

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