First Two Days – June 2021 Long Island

Day 1 as usual was early morning wake up and taking three different planes to reach here. It involved flying from home to Miami to Nassau, napping in the airport, then waking up just in time to catch our flight over to Long Island. The flight left early, so good thing we woke up. They wait for no one.

Unfortunately Mike suffered an extreme case of motion sickness on the little plane. Instead of our usual plan of hit grocery stores on the way to the apartment, we headed straight to the apartment. Mike napped while I unpacked. I revived him long enough to go the store and get some food for dinner and breakfast. Lesson learned, I need to drive here and get comfortable doing it solo.

Dinner made, Mike to bed, I went down to the water with a Kalik and watched the sun set.

Morning dawned on day 2. Mike transformed back into himself from his zombie persona that took over his body on travel day. Coffee,toast and yogurt were the quick breakfast. The island is so parched and we promised to bring rain. Well we are starting slowly with rain, had a brief two minute spit of rain, but we had rainbows.

We spent the morning grocery shopping, 4 stores in all. Stopped to get dillies from the dilly lady and before we knew it, she was in our vehicle wanting a ride to the store. Ummmm ok. She probably has dementia and so it was interesting. She was insistent I come back for dilly ice cream later in the day. After she was done shopping, she hoped in another person’s car to get back to her house.

We made quesadillas for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon, lazing about, napping and reading. This is something we typically don’t do here, as we want to pack so much into our days.

Dinner was a fresh tuna steak over rice with veggies. After dinner we headed over to Salt Pond Beach for a short evening stroll.

It was time to head back to our side of the island to watch the sunset and enjoy beer with ginger snap cookies.

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